About Sandra Brayer

CEO/Owner of Nursery Next Door/Picture taken by Cherise Arcand/Lux Lens Photography (www.luxlens.ca)

WHY should you read ANOTHER Blog?!

The Adventures of Creating Nursery Next Door was something I decided needed to be voiced “out loud” , after I became frustrated creating my online nursing business. I have been a Registered Nurse (RN) for 33 years in Canada, but I’ve always worked as an employee. This blog documents my challenges I have had, and am presently going through, as I try shifting from “just a staff nurse” to entrepreneur. I hope to educate others who are trying to do the same thing (nurse or not a nurse) and perhaps my “screw ups” can be avoided by others! This blog is for anyone wanting this information!

In this journey of trying to figure out HOW to shift from being a paid employee to an entrepreneur, I thought, how hard can this be?! I’ll make it happen by hiring a coach, marketing team and THEY will help me! Well that was April 2021 and end of May 2022 I FIRED that team!  I HAD to fire them. They just didn’t seem to know how to get PAYING clients for an online Nursing business! It was like “slinging paint on a wall and hoping something sticks” at the end. Random paid Google and Facebook ads, HOPING someone would bite! NO strategy at all. Even let’s “rebrand you, change the name”. Considering they incorporated Nursery Next Door, why not tell me that name SUCKED at the beginning! What would I know, I’m not a business owner, that’s why I hired someone! THIS was supposed to be their specialty, helping small businesses beat those odds. BUT they didn’t, as I write this, a month after firing them, I still have NO paying clients.  They did a great job getting me to a certain point, creating a vision BUT looking back we did ALOT of things wrong. That is what this blog is all about. BUT it ISN’T about blaming anyone, I only blame myself for not taking more control from the beginning! With this blog, I hope people on this same journey, will read this and AVOID some of the same mistakes. I’m being VERY vulnerable here too and I should note, I’ve never written a blog before. BUT I think this won’t matter to people. It’s the information of my experience that I want to get out! If I can help even ONE person, this blog has done its job!  Let’s jump right into seeing what has happened over the past year of my life! 🙂

I HOPE I will keep this logo! Time will tell
A picture of Sandra bathing a baby at the Grey Nun’s Hospital (professionally taken and media was released for her own use)